Lifestyle Programs

Here is a rundown of the CUPPFIT programs​:


After purchase, you will receive a questionnaire, so I can get a feel for your lifestyle and schedule, along with your goals (you will receive this via email after checkout).  Once you get this back to me, I will begin working on an individualized meal plan and training split. You will be sent a CUPPFIT program guide explaining in detail how the program is setup. You will be checking in weekly with pictures and current weight (you will choose the day) and I will get back to you with any necessary changes for the next week. 


These plans are custom made for you to reach your goals and will be changed throughout when needed.

I want you to succeed. I truly love helping people feel better about themselves and I wish I would have started on a plan like this sooner than I did, because it truly changed my life.

The concept of this program is to make a lifestyle change for you, not just a temporary miserable diet or waste of money.